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CTA logo Bus Route: 94 South California  accessible

Service Type:Support
Fares:CTA Cash Fare: $2.25 ($1.00 Reduced)
CTA Chicago Card: $2.00 (no Reduced fare)
CTA Transit Card $2.00 ($0.85 Reduced)
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Garage(s):Archer Garage
Related Web Pages:Schedule and Map from CTA
Ridership Trend
Weekday Ridership:8,634 (December 2015)
Saturday Ridership:4,462 (December 2015)
Sunday Ridership:3,258 (December 2015)
Related Projects
Planning Studies:none
Connecting Services
CTA Stations:California-Douglas (Pink) accessible
California-Lake (Green) accessible
Western-Midway (Orange) accessible
Metra Stations:none
Pace Bus Routes:none
Related Jurisdictions
US Congressional Districts:1 Bobby Rush, 3 Dan Lipinski, 4 Luis Gutierrez, 7 Danny Davis
Illinois Senate Districts:1 Tony Munoz, 11 Martin Sandoval, 16 Jacqui Collins, 2 Willie Delgado, 3 Mattie Hunter, 5 Patricia Van Pelt Watkins
Illinois House Districts:1 Daniel Burke, 10 Pamela Reaves-Harris, 2 Edward Acevedo, 21 Silvana Tabares, 31 Mary Flowers, 32 Andre Thapedi, 4 Cynthia Soto, 6 Sonya Harper, 9 Arthur Turner
County Board Districts:Cook 1, Cook 11, Cook 2, Cook 7, Cook 8
Chicago Wards:12 George A. Cardenas, 14 Edward M. Burke, 15 Raymond Lopez, 16 Toni Foulkes, 17 David Moore, 18 Derrick Curtis, 24 Michael Scott, 26 Roberto Maldonado, 27 Walter Burnett, Jr., 28 Jason Ervin
Councils of Mayors:Chicago
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