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Pace logo Bus Route: 210 Lincoln Avenue  accessible

Service Type:CTA Connector
Fares:Regular: $2.00 ($1.00 Reduced)
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Service Days:Weekdays Only
Garages:Northwest Division Garage
North Shore Division Garage
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Ridership Trend
Weekday Ridership:333 (March 2019)
Saturday Ridership:Not Available
Sunday Ridership:Not Available
Related Projects
Planning Studies:none
PMO Projects:none
Connecting Services
CTA Stations:Berwyn (Red)
Bryn Mawr (Red)
Metra Stations:Glenview (Milw-N) accessible
Golf (Milw-N) accessible
Morton Grove (Milw-N) accessible
CTA Bus Routes:92 Foster accessible
146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express accessible
82 Kimball/Homan accessible
11 Lincoln accessible
54A North Cicero/Skokie Blvd accessible
84 Peterson accessible
97 Skokie accessible
Related Jurisdictions
Municipalities:Chicago, Glenview, Lincolnwood, Morton Grove, Skokie
US Congressional Districts:10 Brad Schneider, 5 Mike Quigley, 9 Jan Schakowsky
Illinois Senate Districts:8 Ram Villivalam, 9 Laura Fine
Illinois House Districts:15 John C. D'Amico, 16 Yehiel M. Kalish, 17 Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz
County Board Districts:Cook 10, Cook 13, Cook 14
Chicago Wards:50 Debra Silverstein
Councils of Mayors:Chicago, North Shore
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