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RTA logo Projects in the 2019-2023 Capital Program for Illinois House District 30

This page provides a list of the selected projects in the 2019-2023 capital program and their programmed budget for the current year and out years. The charts show the current year funding by service board and mode, and the distribution of funding, as a percentage, by asset category for all service boards. (The chart is not displayed if there is a single service board/mode or asset category.) Column heading key:

Totals By Program Category
*Other includes Miscellaneous, Acquisitions & Extensions, and Contingencies & Administration.

Click on a column header to sort the table by that column.

Project # Service Board Mode Asset Category Title TIP ID Current Year Funding (2019) Future Years Funding (2020-2023)
5353MetraRailElectrical, Signal, & CommunicationsSIGNAL SYSTEM UPGRADES$250,000$300,000
5355MetraRailElectrical, Signal, & CommunicationsSIGNAL SYSTEM UPGRADES$100,000$700,000
5362MetraRailElectrical, Signal, & CommunicationsWESTERN INTERLOCKING$0$6,000,000
5363MetraRailElectrical, Signal, & CommunicationsRECTIFIER REPLACEMENT$1,500,000$2,000,000
5393MetraRailMiscellaneousINFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING$1,000,000$7,500,000
5382MetraRailStations & Passenger FacilitiesSTATION FAC IMPROVEMENTS$1,500,000$6,250,000
EC-00MetraRailStations & Passenger Facilities147TH STREET STATION$0$5,000,000
5368MetraRailSupport Facilities & EquipmentYARD IMPROVEMENTS$1,000,000$2,000,000
5312MetraRailTrack & StructureTIES AND BALLAST$0$8,500,000
5321MetraRailTrack & StructureUNDERCUTTING & SURFACING$250,000$1,000,000
5323MetraRailTrack & StructureUNDERCUTTING & SURFACING$400,000$1,100,000
5326MetraRailTrack & StructureRAIL REPLACEMENT$250,000$2,000,000
5328MetraRailTrack & StructureRAIL REPLACEMENT$250,000$9,600,000
5329MetraRailTrack & StructureRAIL REPLACEMENT$250,000$6,000,000
5331MetraRailTrack & StructureCROSSINGS (ROAD & TRACK)$1,000,000$4,000,000
5334MetraRailTrack & StructureCROSSINGS (ROAD & TRACK)$1,000,000$4,000,000
5337MetraRailTrack & StructureBRIDGES $500,000$1,600,000
5340MetraRailTrack & StructureROOT/43rd STREET BRIDGES$8,000,000$0
5344MetraRailTrack & StructureCATENARY STRUCTURE REHAB$1,750,000$3,100,000
5347MetraRailTrack & StructureRIGHT OF WAY FENCING$33,000$132,000
BL-105MetraRailTrack & StructureHICKORY CREEK BRIDGE$0$4,000,000
5420PaceBusStations & Passenger FacilitiesImprove Passenger Facilities$0$10,040,512
5420PaceBusStations & Passenger FacilitiesImprove Passenger Facilities$0$13,109,488
Source: RTA Capital Program Database

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