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RTA logo Cicero Avenue CMAQ-Funded TSP Corridor

Start Street:59th Street
End Street:167th Street
Distance in Miles:13.5
Number of Signals:46
Programmed Engineering Year:2017
Programmed Implementation Year:2018
Bus Routes
CTA Bus Routes:none
Pace Bus Routes:383 South Cicero accessible
Signalized Intersections
LocationAgency TypeOwnerInterconnect ID
IL 50@94th StIDOTIDOT District 194
IL 50-IL 83@IL 83IDOTIDOT District 1219
IL 50@105th StIDOTIDOT District 1298
IL 50@87th AveIDOTIDOT District 194
IL 50@76th PlIDOTIDOT District 1200
IL 50@67th StIDOTIDOT District 1200
IL 50@155th StIDOTIDOT District 1101
IL 50-IL 83@Rivercrest East EntranIDOTIDOT District 1219
IL 50@113thIDOTIDOT District 1298
IL 50@107th StIDOTIDOT District 1298
IL 50@79th StIDOTIDOT District 1200
IL 50-IL 83@135th StIDOTIDOT District 1219
US 12-US 20@IL 50IDOTIDOT District 193
IL 50@91st StIDOTIDOT District 194
IL 50@WalmartIDOTIDOT District 1200
IL 50@122nd StIDOTIDOT District 1416
IL 50@103rd StIDOTIDOT District 1298
IL 50@88th AveIDOTIDOT District 194
IL 50@Burbank StationIDOTIDOT District 1200
IL 50-IL 83@Midlothian TurnpikeIDOTIDOT District 1219
IL 50@99th StIDOTIDOT District 1298
IL 50@Southwest HwyIDOTIDOT District 194
IL 50@83rd StIDOTIDOT District 1200
IL 50@65th StIDOTIDOT District 1200
IL 50@128thIDOTIDOT District 1416
IL 50@120th StIDOTIDOT District 1416
IL 50@110th StIDOTIDOT District 1298
IL 50@111th StIDOTIDOT District 1298
IL 50@80th AveIDOTIDOT District 1200
IL 50@72nd StIDOTIDOT District 1200
IL 50@66th StIDOTIDOT District 1200
IL 50@166thIDOTIDOT District 1N/A
IL 50@167th StIDOTIDOT District 1N/A
IL 50@127th StIDOTIDOT District 1416
IL 50@123rd StIDOTIDOT District 1416
IL 50@115th StIDOTIDOT District 1298
IL 50@73rd StIDOTIDOT District 1200
IL 50@75th PlIDOTIDOT District 1200
US 6@IL 50IDOTIDOT District 1101
IL 50@151st StIDOTIDOT District 1101
147th St/IL83@IL 50/CiceroIDOTIDOT District 1101
IL 50-IL 83@137th StIDOTIDOT District 1219
The intersections are determined through a query of spatial data representing the corridor with a one-tenth of a mile buffer and the locations of the intersections. However, this spatial data is not 100% accurate.
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