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County Board Districts

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County District Board Members
Cook District 1 Richard Boykin
Cook District 2 Robert B. Steele
Cook District 3 Jerry Butler
Cook District 4 Stanley Moore
Cook District 5 Deborah Sims
Cook District 6 Edward M. Moody
Cook District 7 Jesus Garcia
Cook District 8 Luis Arroyo, Jr.
Cook District 9 Peter Silvestri
Cook District 10 Bridget Gainer
Cook District 11 John P. Daley
Cook District 12 John Fritchey
Cook District 13 Larry Suffredin
Cook District 14 Gregg Goslin
Cook District 15 Timothy O. Schneider
Cook District 16 Jeffery Tobolski
Cook District 17 Sean Morrison
DuPage District 1 Sam Tornatore, Paul Fichtner, Donald E. Puchalski
DuPage District 2 Sean Noonan, Peter DiCianni, Elizabeth Chaplin
DuPage District 3 John Curran, Brian Krajewski, Gary Grasso
DuPage District 4 Grant Eckhoff, Tim Elliott, Amy Grant
DuPage District 5 James D. Healy, Tonia Khouri, Janice Anderson
DuPage District 6 Robert Larsen, Kevin R. Wiley, James F. Zay Jr.
Kane District 1 Myrna Molina
Kane District 2 Theresa Barreiro
Kane District 3 Don Ishmael
Kane District 4 Angela C. Thomas
Kane District 5 Bill Lenert
Kane District 6 Brian Dahl
Kane District 7 Monica Silva
Kane District 8 Barbara Hernandez
Kane District 9 Thomas Smith
Kane District 10 Susan Starrett
Kane District 11 John Martin
Kane District 12 John J. Hoscheit
Kane District 13 Phillp Lewis
Kane District 14 Mark Davoust
Kane District 15 Barbara Wojnicki
Kane District 16 Michael J. Kenyon
Kane District 17 Deborah Allan
Kane District 18 Drew Frasz
Kane District 19 Kurt Kojzarek
Kane District 20 Penny Wegman
Kane District 21 Rebecca Gillam
Kane District 22 Douglas Scheflow
Kane District 23 Maggie Auger
Kane District 24 Jarett Sanchez
Lake District 1 Linda Pederson
Lake District 2 Diane Hewitt
Lake District 3 Tom Weber
Lake District 4 Brent C. Paxton
Lake District 5 Judy Martini
Lake District 6 Jeff Werfel
Lake District 7 Steve Carlson
Lake District 8 Bill Durkin
Lake District 9 Mary Ross Cunningham
Lake District 10 Charles Bartels
Lake District 11 Paul Frank
Lake District 12 Mike Rummel
Lake District 13 Sandra Hart
Lake District 14 Audrey Nixon
Lake District 15 Carol Calabresa
Lake District 16 Terry Wilke
Lake District 17 Nick Sauer
Lake District 18 Aaron Lawlor
Lake District 19 Craig Taylor
Lake District 20 Sidney Mathias
Lake District 21 Ann B. Maine
McHenry District 1 Robert Nowak, Thomas Wilbeck, Yvonne Barnes, Andrew Gasser
McHenry District 2 John Reinert, James L. Heisler, Jeffrey Thorsen, Donna Kurtz
McHenry District 3 Chris Christensen, Joseph Gottemoller, Donald Kopsell, Michael Walkup
McHenry District 4 Kay R. Bates, John D. Hammerand, Craig Wilcox, Chuck Wheeler
McHenry District 5 Paula Yensen, Michael Skala, John Jung, Jr., Michael Rein
McHenry District 6 Michele Aavang, Jim Kearns, Mary T. McCann, Larry Smith
Will District 1 Judy Ogalla, Laurie Summers
Will District 2 Jim Moustis, Cory Singer
Will District 3 Donald Moran, Beth Rice
Will District 4 Jacqueline Traynere, Kenneth Harris
Will District 5 Darren Bennefield, Gretchen Fritz
Will District 6 Ragan Freitag, Don Gould
Will District 7 Mike Fricilone, Steve Balich
Will District 8 Denise Winfrey, Herbert Brooks, Jr.
Will District 9 Lauren Staley-Ferry, Annette Parker
Will District 10 Gloria Dollinger, Tyler Marcum
Will District 11 Suzanne Hart, Charles Maher
Will District 12 Tom Weigel, Ray Tuminello
Will District 13 Tim Kraulidis, Mark Ferry

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