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NOTE: The 2010 dataset covers more counties in the Southeastern Wisconsin and Northwestern Indiana areas than the 2000 dataset. It is not appropriate to compare the 2010 and 2000 data due to differences in the sample methodology. All 2006-2010 estimates are included regardless of margin of error (MOE). For guidance on using the estimates with reported MOEs please see: CTPP 2006-2010 Frequently Asked Questions.

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Place of Work Total Workers Worked At Home Workers by Primary Mode of Transportation to Work
Auto Transit Other
Drive Alone Carpool Bus Rail/Ferry
collapse Six County Northeastern Illinois Region4,014,737160,7712,805,268361,190208,546289,657189,147
collapse Cook County2,575,74488,3101,629,127230,777200,889281,402145,039
expand City of Chicago1,397,48548,832688,608119,289173,247263,835103,677
expand Suburban Cook County1,178,25939,478940,519111,48827,64217,56741,362
expand DuPage County546,09321,079458,20947,2512,7492,51214,316
expand Kane County206,53010,653168,59419,1271,0276946,504
expand Lake County352,09520,139277,37033,5012,5184,23214,315
expand McHenry County107,6808,40985,5949,5995123693,232
expand Will County226,59512,181186,37420,9358514485,741
collapse Outside Six County Northeastern Illinois Region2,016,28169,3561,625,841186,70046,24691187,307
expand Southeastern Wisconsin1,298,21641,0291,027,913124,09041,31439363,697
expand Northwestern Illinois245,5059,968201,66422,1212,3821209,196
expand Southwestern Illinois163,3738,981132,34415,1497511646,065
expand Northwestern Indiana309,1879,378263,92025,3401,7992348,349
Source: Census Transportation Planning Package, Parts 1 and 2

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