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2001 Land Use

Dataset:2001 Land Use
Data Vintage:April 2001
Update Frequency:As needed
Description:This polygon file contains the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission's (NIPC) 2001 Land Use Inventory, Aggregated to 48 Categories. The inventory was created using black and white orthorectificed aerial photography that was captured in April, 2001. In addition to orthorectified aerial photography for the region, numerous GIS reference layers and several internet resources were used to support the Land Use Inventory. Land use interpretation methods and the consequent classification were conducted using a systematic approach working in thematic waves. The minimum land use classification area size was 1 acre or 2.5 acres (within the City of Chicago 0.5 acre or 1 acre), depending upon the type of land use being classified. Land use categories define homogeneous areas and represent features as they appear on the earth's surface. They are not generalized to any other geography.

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