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Illinois House District 25

Curtis Tarver (D)

Contact and Committee Information
Web Site:Illinois General Assembly page
Illinois Senate District
13 Robert Peters
Demographic Information
Population:91,147 (2010), -7% change from 2000
Source: 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census Redistricting Data SF (PL 94-171)
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Related Jurisdictions
US Congressional Districts:1 Bobby Rush, 2 Robin Kelly, 7 Danny Davis
Illinois Senate Districts:13 Robert Peters, 17 Elgie R. Sims, Jr.
County Board Districts:Cook 3, Cook 4
Chicago Wards:10 Susan Garza, 20 Jeanette B. Taylor, 4 Sophia King, 5 Leslie Hairston, 7 Greg Mitchell, 8 Michelle A. Harris
Councils of Mayors:Chicago


CTA Stations (0)

Metra Stations (11)
47th Street (Kenwood) (Elec-ML)
53rd Street (Hyde Park) (Elec-ML)
55th-56th-57th Street (So Shore, Elec-ML)
59th Street (University of Chicago) (Elec-ML)
83rd Street (Elec-SC) accessible
87th Street (Elec-SC)
93rd Street (South Chicago) (Elec-SC) accessible
Bryn Mawr (Elec-SC)
Cheltenham (79th Street) (Elec-SC)
South Shore (Elec-SC) accessible
Windsor Park (Elec-SC)

CTA Bus Routes (24)
2 Hyde Park Express accessible
5 South Shore Night Bus accessible
6 Jackson Park Express accessible
10 Museum Of Science & Industry accessible
15 Jeffery Local accessible
26 South Shore Express accessible
28 Stony Island accessible
30 South Chicago accessible
43 43rd accessible
47 47th accessible
55 Garfield accessible
59 59th/61st accessible
63 63rd accessible
67 67th/69th/71st accessible
71 71st/South Shore accessible
75 74th/75th accessible
79 79th accessible
87 87th Street accessible
95 95th accessible
100 Jeffery Manor Express accessible
171 U Of C - Hyde Park accessible
172 U Of C - Kenwood accessible
192 U Of Chicago Hospitals Express accessible
J14 Jeffery Jump accessible

Pace Bus Routes (0)

CTA Rail Lines (0)

Metra Rail Lines (2)
Electric District
South Shore Line

CTA Facilities (4)
47th/Lake Park Ave. Turnaround
67th/Oglesby Turnaround
75th/Lake Front Turnaround
79th/Lake Front Turnaround

Metra Facilities (0)

Pace Facilities (0)

Pace Passenger Facilities (0)

Jurisdiction Area Map
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Land Use
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