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Illinois House District 3

Luis Arroyo (D)

Contact and Committee Information
Web Site:Illinois General Assembly page
Illinois Senate District
2 Omar Aquino
Demographic Information
Population:101,435 (2010), -3% change from 2000
Source: 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census Redistricting Data SF (PL 94-171)
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Related Jurisdictions
Municipalities:Chicago, Elmwood Park
US Congressional Districts:4 Chuy Garcia, 5 Mike Quigley, 7 Danny Davis
Illinois Senate Districts:10 Robert F. Martwick, 2 Omar Aquino, 20 Iris Y. Martinez, 39 Don Harmon, 4 Kimberly A. Lightford, 5 Patricia Van Pelt
County Board Districts:Cook 1, Cook 12, Cook 8, Cook 9
Chicago Wards:1 Daniel La Spata, 26 Roberto Maldonado, 29 Chris Taliaferro, 30 Ariel E. Reboyras, 31 Felix Cardona, 35 Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, 36 Gilbert Villegas, 37 Emma Mitts, 38 Nicholas Sposato
Councils of Mayors:Chicago, North Central


CTA Stations (0)

Metra Stations (6)
Galewood (Milw-W)
Grand / Cicero (Milw-W) accessible
Hanson Park (Milw-W)
Healy (Milw-N) accessible
Mars (Milw-W)
Mont Clare (Milw-W) accessible

CTA Bus Routes (16)
53 Pulaski accessible
54 Cicero accessible
57 Laramie accessible
65 Grand accessible
72 North accessible
73 Armitage accessible
74 Fullerton accessible
76 Diversey accessible
77 Belmont accessible
80 Irving Park accessible
82 Kimball/Homan accessible
85 Central accessible
86 Narragansett/Ridgeland accessible
90 Harlem accessible
91 Austin accessible
152 Addison accessible

Pace Bus Routes (2)
307 Harlem accessible
319 Grand Avenue accessible

CTA Rail Lines (0)

Metra Rail Lines (3)
Milwaukee District North Line
Milwaukee District West Line
North Central Service

CTA Facilities (4)
Diversey/Neva Turnaround
Grand/Latrobe Turnaround
Grand/Nordica Turnaround
School Maintenance Shop

Metra Facilities (0)

Pace Facilities (0)

Pace Passenger Facilities (0)

Jurisdiction Area Map
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Land Use
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