Cook County Board District 9

Commissioner Peter Silvestri

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CTA Rail Stations (3)
Cumberland (Blue) accessibleHarlem-O'Hare (Blue) accessible
Rosemont (Blue) accessible

Metra Rail Stations (14)
Cumberland (UP-NW)Dee Road (UP-NW)
Edgebrook (Milw-N)Edison Park (UP-NW)
Elmwood Park (Milw-W) accessibleMount Prospect (UP-NW) accessible
Norwood Park (UP-NW) accessibleO'Hare Transfer (NCS) accessible
Park Ridge (UP-NW) accessibleProspect Heights (NCS) accessible
River Forest (UP-W)River Grove (Milw-W, NCS) accessible
Rosemont (NCS) accessibleSchiller Park (NCS) accessible

CTA Bus Routes (11)
68 Northwest Highway accessible72 North accessible
77 Belmont accessible78 Montrose accessible
80 Irving Park accessible81W West Lawrence accessible
85A North Central accessible86 Narragansett/Ridgeland accessible
88 Higgins accessible90 Harlem accessible
152 Addison accessible
The bus routes selected may include express routes which do not stop in Cook County Board District 9.

Pace Bus Routes (47)
100 Pulse Milwaukee Line accessible208 Golf Road accessible
209 Busse Highway accessible221 Wolf Road accessible
223 Elk Grove - Rosemont CTA Station accessible225 Central - Howard accessible
226 Oakton Street accessible230 South Des Plaines accessible
234 Wheeling - Des Plaines accessible237 Schaumburg - Soldier Field Express accessible
240 Dee Road accessible241 Greenwood - Talcott accessible
250 Dempster Street accessible270 Milwaukee Avenue accessible
272 Milwaukee Avenue North accessible282 Schaumburg - Wrigley Field Express accessible
284 Schaumburg - Great America Gurnee Express accessible290 Touhy Avenue accessible
303 Forest Park - Rosemont accessible307 Harlem accessible
309 Lake Street accessible310 Madison Street - Hillside accessible
313 St. Charles Road accessible317 Westchester accessible
318 West North Avenue accessible319 Grand Avenue accessible
320 Madison Street accessible330 Mannheim - LaGrange Roads accessible
331 Cumberland - 5th Avenue accessible332 River Road - York Road accessible
410 East Niles Local accessible411 West Niles Local accessible
412 North Niles Circulator accessible423 Linden CTA-The Glen-Harlem CTA accessible
600 Rosemont - Schaumburg Express accessible603 Elgin Transportation Center - Rosemont Express accessible
605 I-90/Randall Rd. Station - Rosemont Express accessible606 Rosemont - Schaumburg Limited accessible
610 Rosemont - Prairie Stone Express accessible616 Rosemont - Itasca Limited accessible
619 Des Plaines Station - Willow Rd Corridor accessible620 Yellow Line Dempster - Allstate accessible
623 Glen of N. Glenview Station - Willow Road Corridor accessible694 Central Road-Mt.Prospect Station accessible
696 Randhurst/Woodfield/Harper College accessible811 Rosemont Entertainment Circulator accessible
895 95th St. - Rosemont - Schaumburg Express accessible
The bus routes selected may include express routes which do not stop in Cook County Board District 9.

CTA Rail Lines (1)
Blue Line

Metra Rail Lines (5)
Milwaukee District North LineMilwaukee District West Line
North Central ServiceUnion Pacific Northwest Line
Union Pacific West Line

CTA Facilities (12)
Addison/Pontiac TurnaroundBelmont/Cumberland Turnaround
Cumberland/O'Hare Ext. TurnaroundDelphia/Catalpa Turnaround
Harlem YardHarlem/O'Hare Ext. Turnaround
Irving Park/Cumberland TurnaroundMilwaukee/Imlay Turnaround
Montrose/Narragansett TurnaroundRiver Rd/O'Hare Ext. Turnaround
Rosemont YardTouhy/Overhill Turnaround
Jurisdiction Area Map
Source: ESRI World_Imagery

Projects in 2020 Capital Program
Service BoardProjectsTotal

PMO Projects
Service BoardProjectsTotal
Systemwide Projects18$2,123,468,599

Average Weekday Ridership Summary
Service Board and ModeTotal Entries
CTA Bus Ridership (June 2020)20,900
CTA Rail Ridership (June 2020)2,318
Metra Rail Ridership (2018)7,555
Pace Bus Ridership (March 2020)21,432

Transit assets in this report are determined through a query of spatial data representing the locations of transit assets and the boundaries of the geographic area of interest. This spatial data is not 100% accurate. Therefore, the spatial query performed for this report may result in an inaccurate selection of transit assets near the boundaries of the geographic area of interest. A one-tenth of a mile buffer around the boundary of the geographic area of interest is used for this spatial query.