Cook County Board District 10

Commissioner Bridget Gainer

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CTA Rail Stations (16)
Addison-North Main (Red) accessibleArgyle (Red)
Belmont-North Main (Brown, Purple, Red) accessibleBerwyn (Red)
Bryn Mawr (Red)Damen-Ravenswood (Brown) accessible
Diversey (Brown, Purple) accessibleGranville (Red) accessible
Lawrence (Red)Montrose-Ravenswood (Brown) accessible
Sheridan (Red)Southport (Brown) accessible
Thorndale (Red)Wellington (Brown, Purple) accessible
Western-Ravenswood (Brown) accessibleWilson (Red) accessible

Metra Rail Stations (3)
Forest Glen (Milw-N)Gladstone Park (UP-NW)
Ravenswood (UP-N)

CTA Bus Routes (44)
8 Halsted accessible9 Ashland accessible
X9 Ashland Express accessible11 Lincoln accessible
22 Clark accessible36 Broadway accessible
37 Sedgwick accessible49 Western accessible
49B North Western accessibleX49 Western Express accessible
50 Damen accessible53 Pulaski accessible
54A North Cicero/Skokie Blvd accessible68 Northwest Highway accessible
72 North accessible73 Armitage accessible
74 Fullerton accessible76 Diversey accessible
77 Belmont accessible78 Montrose accessible
80 Irving Park accessible81 Lawrence accessible
81W West Lawrence accessible82 Kimball/Homan accessible
84 Peterson accessible85 Central accessible
85A North Central accessible86 Narragansett/Ridgeland accessible
88 Higgins accessible92 Foster accessible
93 California/Dodge accessible96 Lunt accessible
X98 Avon Express accessible134 Stockton/Lasalle Express accessible
135 Clarendon/Lasalle Express accessible136 Sheridan/Lasalle Express accessible
143 Stockton/Michigan Express accessible146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express accessible
147 Outer Drive Express accessible148 Clarendon/Michigan Express accessible
151 Sheridan accessible152 Addison accessible
155 Devon accessible156 Lasalle accessible
The bus routes selected may include express routes which do not stop in Cook County Board District 10.

Pace Bus Routes (8)
100 Pulse Milwaukee Line accessible210 Lincoln Avenue accessible
225 Central - Howard accessible226 Oakton Street accessible
237 Schaumburg - Soldier Field Express accessible270 Milwaukee Avenue accessible
282 Schaumburg - Wrigley Field Express accessible779 Hillside - Wrigley Field Express accessible
The bus routes selected may include express routes which do not stop in Cook County Board District 10.

CTA Rail Lines (4)
Blue LineBrown Line
Purple LineRed Line

Metra Rail Lines (3)
Milwaukee District North LineUnion Pacific North Line
Union Pacific Northwest Line

CTA Facilities (16)
Belmont/Halsted TurnaroundCaldwell/Central Turnaround
Clark/Arthur TurnaroundClifton Maintenance Shop
Forest Glen GarageFullerton Ave. & Cannon Dr. Turnaround
Halsted/Waveland TurnaroundLa Salle Drive & Lake Shore Drive
Montrose Maintenance ShopNewport Maintenance Shop
North/Clark TurnaroundPulaski/Peterson Turnaround
Western/Berwyn TurnaroundWestern/Leland Turnaround
Wilson Maintenance ShopWilson/Ravenswood Turnaround
Jurisdiction Area Map
Source: ESRI World_Imagery

Projects in 2020 Capital Program
Service BoardProjectsTotal

PMO Projects
Service BoardProjectsTotal
Systemwide Projects18$2,123,468,599

Average Weekday Ridership Summary
Service Board and ModeTotal Entries
CTA Bus Ridership (June 2020)103,573
CTA Rail Ridership (June 2020)10,017
Metra Rail Ridership (2018)3,186
Pace Bus Ridership (March 2020)2,417

Transit assets in this report are determined through a query of spatial data representing the locations of transit assets and the boundaries of the geographic area of interest. This spatial data is not 100% accurate. Therefore, the spatial query performed for this report may result in an inaccurate selection of transit assets near the boundaries of the geographic area of interest. A one-tenth of a mile buffer around the boundary of the geographic area of interest is used for this spatial query.