Illinois House District 53

Mark Walker (D)

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Demographic Information
Population:101,209 (2010), -4% change from 2000
Source: 2000 and 2010 U.S. Census Redistricting Data SF (PL 94-171)


Metra Rail Stations (4)
Arlington Heights (UP-NW) accessibleCumberland (UP-NW)
Mount Prospect (UP-NW) accessibleProspect Heights (NCS) accessible

Pace Bus Routes (18)
208 Golf Road accessible221 Wolf Road accessible
230 South Des Plaines accessible234 Wheeling - Des Plaines accessible
237 Schaumburg - Soldier Field Express accessible282 Schaumburg - Wrigley Field Express accessible
284 Schaumburg - Great America Gurnee Express accessible594 Arlington Heights - Rolling Meadows On Demand accessible
600 Rosemont - Schaumburg Express accessible603 Elgin Transportation Center - Rosemont Express accessible
604 Wheeling - Schaumburg accessible605 I-90/Randall Rd. Station - Rosemont Express accessible
606 Rosemont - Schaumburg Limited accessible610 Rosemont - Prairie Stone Express accessible
616 Rosemont - Itasca Limited accessible694 Central Road-Mt.Prospect Station accessible
696 Randhurst/Woodfield/Harper College accessible895 95th St. - Rosemont - Schaumburg Express accessible
The bus routes selected may include express routes which do not stop in Illinois House District 53.

Pace Passenger Facilities (1)
Arlington Heights Metra Transfer Center

Metra Rail Lines (2)
North Central ServiceUnion Pacific Northwest Line
Jurisdiction Area Map
Source: ESRI World_Imagery

Projects in 2020 Capital Program
Service BoardProjectsTotal

PMO Projects
Service BoardProjectsTotal
There are no PMO Projects in Illinois House District 53.
Systemwide Projects15$988,615,528

Average Weekday Ridership Summary
Service Board and ModeTotal Entries
Metra Rail Ridership (2018)5,131
Pace Bus Ridership (March 2020)3,482

Transit assets in this report are determined through a query of spatial data representing the locations of transit assets and the boundaries of the geographic area of interest. This spatial data is not 100% accurate. Therefore, the spatial query performed for this report may result in an inaccurate selection of transit assets near the boundaries of the geographic area of interest. A one-tenth of a mile buffer around the boundary of the geographic area of interest is used for this spatial query.