Batavia, Illinois

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Demographic Information
Population:26,045 (2010), +9% change from 2000
Households:9,554 (2010), +12% change from 2000
Housing Units:10,042 (2010), +14% change from 2000
Source: U.S. Census


Pace Bus Routes (2)
596 Batavia On Demand accessible802 Aurora-Geneva via Lake accessible
The bus routes selected may include express routes which do not stop in Batavia, Illinois.
Jurisdiction Area Map
Source: ESRI World_Imagery

Projects in 2019 Capital Program
Service BoardProjectsTotal

PMO Projects
Service BoardProjectsTotal
There are no PMO Projects in Batavia, Illinois.
Systemwide Projects8$396,957,986

Average Weekday Ridership Summary
Service Board and ModeTotal Entries
Pace Bus Ridership (March 2019)355

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