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Rail Stations Facilities
CTA station CTA Station CTA rail yard CTA Rail Yard
Metra Station Metra Station CTA bus garage CTA Bus Garage
Rail Lines CTA warehouse CTA Warehouse
CTA blue line CTA Blue Line CTA training facility CTA Training Facility
CTA brown line CTA Brown Line CTA storage yard CTA Storage Yard
CTA green line CTA Green Line CTA maintenance shop CTA Maintenance Shop
CTA orange line CTA Orange Line CTA bus turnaround CTA Bus Turnaround
CTA purple line CTA Purple Line CTA office CTA Office
CTA red line CTA Red Line CTA rail heavy maintenance CTA Rail - Heavy Maintenance
CTA yellow line CTA Yellow Line CTA bus heavy maintenance CTA Bus - Heavy Maintenance
CTA pink line CTA Pink Line Metra rail yard Metra Rail Yard
Metra line Metra Line Metra office Metra Office
Bus Routes Pace passenger facility Pace Passenger Facility
CTA bus route CTA Bus Route Pace garage Pace Garage
Pace bus route Pace Bus Route Pace bus turnaround Pace Bus Turnaround
Transfer Locations Pace office Pace Office
transfer location Transfer Location    
2012-2016 CMAQ-Funded TSP Corridors Land Use
CTA service CTA residential Residential
Pace service Pace commercial and services Commercial and Services
2001 RTA Regional TSP Location Study institutional Institutional
TSP corridor TSP Corridor industrial Industrial and Warehousing and Wholesale Trade
TSP segment TSP Segment transportation and communication Transportation, Communication and Utilities
    open space Open Space