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Project Description

This project will support the CTA's effort to implement a new technology that will upgrade paging at all 145 rail stations allowing staff to better communicate with customers. This technology will allow mass notification via the Public Address (PA) system and will display announcements directly to CTA's Train Tracker signs. This sytem meets ADA guidelines for providing written words so that hearing impaired riders are able to get information. Funding: 2012 ICE: $2,493,307

Program:Innovation, Coordination, and Enhancement
Program Year:2012
Project Type(s):Capital
Current Activities:The CTA Midway Orange Line Station was the first station to receive the advance paging system in January 2013. The 40 stations in the related assets section below received the advanced paging system under this program.
Information Updated:November 2018
Project Documents
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Related Transit Assets
CTA Stations:18th (Pink) accessible
35th/Archer (Orange) accessible
47th-Dan Ryan (Red) accessible
54th/Cermak (Pink) accessible
63rd-Dan Ryan (Red) accessible
69th (Red) accessible
79th (Red) accessible
87th (Red) accessible
95th/Dan Ryan (Red) accessible
Argyle (Red)
Ashland-Midway (Orange) accessible
Berwyn (Red)
California-Douglas (Pink) accessible
Central Park (Pink) accessible
Cermak-Chinatown (Red) accessible
Cicero-Douglas (Pink) accessible
Damen (Pink) accessible
Davis (Purple) accessible
Garfield-Dan Ryan (Red) accessible
Garfield-South Elevated (Green) accessible
Grand/State (Red) accessible
Granville (Red) accessible
Halsted-Midway (Orange) accessible
Jarvis (Red)
Kedzie-Douglas (Pink) accessible
Kedzie-Midway (Orange) accessible
Kostner (Pink) accessible
Lawrence (Red)
Loyola (Red) accessible
Midway Airport (Orange) accessible
Morse (Red)
Oakton-Skokie (Yellow) accessible
Polk (Pink) accessible
Pulaski-Douglas (Pink) accessible
Pulaski-Midway (Orange) accessible
Roosevelt/Wabash (Green, Orange) accessible
Sox-35th-Dan Ryan (Red) accessible
Thorndale (Red)
Western-Douglas (Pink) accessible
Western-Midway (Orange) accessible
Related Jurisdictions
Municipalities:Chicago, Cicero, Evanston, Skokie
US Congressional Districts:1 Bobby Rush, 3 Dan Lipinski, 4 Chuy Garcia, 7 Danny Davis, 9 Jan Schakowsky
Illinois Senate Districts:1 Antonio Munoz, 11 Celina Villanueva, 12 Steven M. Landek, 14 Emil Jones, III, 16 Jacqueline Y. Collins, 17 Elgie R. Sims, Jr., 3 Mattie Hunter, 5 Patricia Van Pelt, 7 Heather A. Steans, 8 Ram Villivalam, 9 Laura Fine
Illinois House Districts:1 Aaron Ortiz, 13 Gregory Harris, 14 Kelly M. Cassidy, 16 Yehiel M. Kalish, 18 Robyn Gabel, 2 Theresa Mah, 22 Michael J. Madigan, 23 Michael J. Zalewski, 27 Justin Slaughter, 32 Andre Thapedi, 34 Nicholas K Smith, 5 Lamont Robinson, 6 Sonya M. Harper, 9 Arthur Turner
County Board Districts:Cook 10, Cook 11, Cook 12, Cook 13, Cook 16, Cook 2, Cook 3, Cook 4, Cook 7
Chicago Wards:11 Patrick Thompson, 12 George A. Cardenas, 13 Marty Quinn, 14 Edward M. Burke, 15 Raymond Lopez, 17 David Moore, 20 Jeanette B. Taylor, 21 Howard Brookins, Jr., 23 Silvana Tabares, 24 Michael Scott, 25 Byron Sigcho-Lopez, 27 Walter Burnett, Jr., 3 Pat Dowell, 4 Sophia King, 42 Brendan Reilly, 46 James Cappleman, 48 Harry Osterman, 49 Maria Hadden, 6 Roderick Sawyer
Councils of Mayors:Central, Chicago, North Shore

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