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Study Description

The Regional Transit Coordination Plan is an ongoing multi-year program aimed at enhancing regional mobility by facilitating seamless travel on public transportation.

Recognizing that Information Coordination and Physical Coordination are complementary, the RTA initiated an effort to address both categories simultaneously for existing transfer locations. The information and physical coordination study included an assessment of current information practices targeted to transferring passengers and site visits to 75 priority transfer locations in order to determine necessary modifications in both categories. The focus was on content and specific placement of directional and service information, plus any physical site modifications necessary to improve connections. The results were presented to the RTA Board in February 2003.

The physical coordination component identified 17 interagency transfer locations where physical improvements would encourage travel by transit to regional activity centers. These priority transfer locations either have high rates of transfer activity or provide critical connections. Preliminary concept designs have been prepared for five representative locations.

Program:Regional Transit Coordination Plan
Current Activities:Specific physical coordination improvements are being developed through the RTA's Community Planning and Sub-Regional Planning Programs and are being implemented through the RTA's Innovation, Coordination & Enhancement (ICE) Program.
Information Updated:October 2008
Study Documents
Regional Transit Coordination Plan (RTCP) Information and Physical Coordination Study Summary Report (June, 2004)
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