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Study Description

This project developed a multi-modal corridor plan for Ridgeland Avenue from 79th Street to 135th Street in the communities of Burbank, Oak Lawn, Chicago Ridge, Worth, Alsip and Palos Heights. The corridor includes or intersects with five Pace bus routes and provides access to the Chicago Ridge Metra Station. The plan provides recommendations for the corridor that ensure the safe and efficient movement of people while supporting the local economies.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2013
Project Type(s):Corridor Planning
Grantee:Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways
Current Activities:The final Corridor Plan was completed in June of 2014. Meetings were held with some local governments to assist with implementation efforts. In early 2015, the RTA applied for CMAQ funds on behalf of the Village of Chicago Ridge for pedestrian safety improvements around the Metra station as a selected project in the Access to Transit Improvement Program. CMAQ funds were awarded to this project in the fall of 2015.

In 2017 the Village of Chicago Ridge applied to and was awarded Cook County for funding to complete bus stop infrastructure improvements along Ridgeland Avenue as well as to construct a multi-use path along Ridgeland as recommended in the plan.
Information Updated:July 2019
Study Documents
Ridgeland Avenue Corridor Plan (June, 2014)
Ridgeland Avenue Corridor Plan Appendix (June, 2014)
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Metra Stations:Chicago Ridge (SWS) accessible
Related Jurisdictions
Municipalities:Alsip, Burbank, Chicago Ridge, Oak Lawn, Palos Heights, Worth
US Congressional Districts:1 Bobby Rush, 3 Dan Lipinski
Illinois Senate Districts:12 Steven M. Landek, 14 Emil Jones, III, 16 Jacqueline Y. Collins, 18 Bill Cunningham
Illinois House Districts:23 Michael J. Zalewski, 27 Justin Slaughter, 31 Mary E. Flowers, 32 Andre Thapedi, 35 Frances Ann Hurley, 36 Kelly M. Burke
County Board Districts:Cook 11, Cook 17, Cook 6
Chicago Wards:none
Councils of Mayors:Southwest
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