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RTA logo Greater Roseland (Chicago) Transit-Linked Community Development Project

Study Description

This is a research and strategic planning project to identify the transit-linked opportunities for community development in the Greater Roseland community of Roseland, Pullman, West Pullman, Riverdale and Morgan Park, focusing on the potential of the proposed CTA Red Line South Extension. The project will assess the impact mass transit can have on housing, the economy and work force development in the Greater Roseland area.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2007
Project Type(s):Transit Improvement Plan
Grantee:Developing Communities Project (DCP)
Current Activities:The Final Plan was adopted by the Developing Communities Project Board of Directors in November 2009. The Alternatives Analysis for the CTA Red Line South extension was completed by the CTA in 2009 and the Environmental Impact Statement is set to be published in 2015. Three options are under evaluation for the Locally Preferred Alternative along the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) tracks including an option within the existing freight right-of-way (ROW Option), an East Option, and a West Option. The CTA is also evaluating a rail alternative along Halsted Street, a bus rapid transit (BRT) alternative along Michigan Avenue, and the No Build Alternative. For more information please visit: http://www.transitchicago.com/redeis/
Information Updated:March 2015
Study Documents
Transit Equity Matters: An Equity Index and Regional Analysis of the Red Line and Two Other Proposed CTA Transit Extensions (December, 2009)
Transit Equity Matters: Appendix (December, 2009)
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Municipalities:Blue Island, Calumet Park, Chicago, Dolton, Merrionette Park, Riverdale
US Congressional Districts:1 Bobby Rush, 2 Robin Kelly, 3 Dan Lipinski
Illinois Senate Districts:14 Emil Jones, III, 15 Napoleon Harris, III, 16 Jacqueline Y. Collins, 17 Elgie R. Sims, Jr., 18 Bill Cunningham
Illinois House Districts:27 Justin Slaughter, 28 Robert Rita, 29 Thaddeus Jones, 31 Mary E. Flowers, 33 Marcus C. Evans, Jr., 34 Nicholas K Smith, 35 Frances Ann Hurley
County Board Districts:Cook 11, Cook 4, Cook 5, Cook 6
Chicago Wards:10 Susan Garza, 19 Matthew O'Shea, 21 Howard Brookins, Jr., 34 Carrie M. Austin, 8 Michelle A. Harris, 9 Anthony Beale
Councils of Mayors:Chicago, South, Southwest
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