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Project Description

The RTA Planning and Market Development Department recently re-oriented its activities to focus on key markets, including but not limited to reverse commute, older adults, and occasional riders. ICE funding will be directed toward key initiatives to be identified in the Department's 2014 work plan. Funding: 2012 ICE: $1,000,000

Status:In Progress
Program:Innovation, Coordination, and Enhancement
Program Year:2013
Project Type(s):Capital
Current Activities:Following RTA Board adoption of ICE funding in December 2013, the RTA, CTA, Pace, and Metra developed four Market Development projects. 1) The RTA will reserve $500,000 in ICE funds to help support the engineering and implementation of real time signage in support of the CDOT Central Loop BRT project. These funds could be used for real time signage directing customers from Union Station or Ogilvie Transportation Center to bus boarding locations along the planned BRT corridors (Washington, Madison, Clinton, and Canal) or at any of the eight proposed BRT stations in the loop. 2) The RTA is currently working to establish a Special Events Service Fund for use by the Service Boards to serve the occasional riders market. A total of $275,000 in ICE funds ($550,000 total) would be available for services, marketing, and other associated costs for service to/from Special Events within the region. The Service Boards would provide a 50% local match for each service. 3) $125,000 in ICE funds will be provided for a two-year service demonstration of a reverse commute bus service to augment MD-N Metra service. The new ¿MD-N Sunrise Express¿ bus service would pick up passengers at Western and at Chicago Union Station (the two strongest Shuttle Bug ridership stations in the Chicago market segment) and then operate express via the Edens Expressway to Lake Cook Road. The bus would arrive at the Lake Cook Road station in time to continue its currently scheduled Shuttle Bug trip. Passengers would either stay on the bus or transfer to another Shuttle Bug route to complete their trip. 4) The RTA defines Mobility Management as the practice of educating customers on the availability of regional transportation options and assisting customers in choosing the option(s) that best meet their travel needs. Two projects are proposed; a Train-the-Trainer Video Series and an Older Adults Group Transit Travel Program. ICE funds in the amount of $100,000 will be used as a local match for an RTA-sponsored Section 5310 application ($400,000 Federal for a total project cost of $500,000). If the 5310 application is not awarded through the required competitive project selection process, the RTA would scale back the overall project cost appropriately.
Information Updated:November 2018
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