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Study Description

This project assisted the Village with implementation efforts as recommended in their recently adopted TOD plan that was funded through the Community Planning program. A developer panel was conducted with the goal of assisting the Village with several redevelopment sites identified in the plan. Future redevelopment of these sites will capitalize on the proximity to exiting transit facilities as well as help strengthen the vitality of downtown River Grove.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2015
Project Type(s):Developer Panel
Grantee:Village of River Grove
Current Activities:The discussion panel was held on November 18, 2015. The final summary report is complete.
Information Updated:April 2017
SourceInitial PlanDeveloper PanelTotal
Study Documents
River Grove Developer Panel Summary Report (December, 2015)
River Grove Thatcher Avenue TOD Plan (March, 2014)
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Related Transit Assets
Metra Stations:River Grove (Milw-W, NCS) accessible
Metra Rail Lines:Milwaukee District West Line
North Central Service
Related Jurisdictions
Municipalities:Chicago, River Grove
US Congressional Districts:5 Mike Quigley
Illinois Senate Districts:10 Robert F. Martwick, 39 Don Harmon
Illinois House Districts:19 Lindsey LaPointe, 78 Camille Y. Lilly
County Board Districts:Cook 9
Chicago Wards:38 Nicholas Sposato
Councils of Mayors:Chicago, North Central
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