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Study Description

This project assisted the City in determining what changes to the City zoning ordinance should be considered to better reflect the actual supply and demand for parking in TOD areas, and encourage increased transit use by residents and businesses in these areas. Parking requirement alternatives were analyzed for all CTA and Metra station areas in the City of Evanston. The City's goal was to increase the use of transit, balance the supply of parking needs in TOD areas and refine policy that will lead to the elimination of unnecessary parking being constructed in the City. A parking research and best practices report was written to based on TOD parking best practices,recommendations to reduce parking requirements for the City as well as other strategies to reduce the parking demand near transit stations.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2015
Project Type(s):TOD Zoning Code Update
Grantee:City of Evanston
Current Activities:A Text Amendment to officially reduce the parking requirements in TOD areas was adopted by City Council in September 2017 and is being applied to new developments in the City's TOD areas.
Information Updated:October 2018
SourceInitial PlanTOD Zoning Code UpdateTotal
Study Documents
Transit-Oriented Parking Regulations Recommendations Report (July 1, 2017)
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Related Transit Assets
CTA Stations:Central-Evanston (Purple)
Davis (Purple) accessible
Foster (Purple)
Howard (Purple, Red, Yellow) accessible
Main (Purple)
Noyes (Purple)
South Boulevard (Purple)
Metra Stations:Central Street (Evanston) (UP-N) accessible
Davis Street (Evanston) (UP-N) accessible
Main Street (Evanston) (UP-N)
Related Jurisdictions
Municipalities:Chicago, Evanston, Wilmette
US Congressional Districts:9 Jan Schakowsky
Illinois Senate Districts:7 Heather A. Steans, 9 Laura Fine
Illinois House Districts:14 Kelly M. Cassidy, 17 Jennifer Gong-Gershowitz, 18 Robyn Gabel
County Board Districts:Cook 13
Chicago Wards:49 Maria Hadden
Councils of Mayors:Chicago, North Shore
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