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Study Description

The RTA worked with the Village to convene a working group consisting of Village staff, the City of Blue Island, RTA staff, CMAP, Metra, ATA and Cook County Highway Department to identify ways to improve pedestrian mobility and access to the Metra Station.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2012
Project Type(s):Pedestrian Access to Transit
Grantee:Village of Robbins
Current Activities:The final Robbins Pedestrian Access Improvement Plan can be found below under Study Documents below.
Information Updated:June 2019
SourceInitial PlanPedestrian Access to TransitInitial PlanTotal
Study Documents
Robbins Pedestrian Access Improvement Plan (August, 2012)
Village of Robbins Transit Oriented Development Study
Related Studies
Robbins Metra Station Transit-Oriented Development Study (2000)
Robbins TOD Plan Update (2018)
Related Transit Assets
Metra Stations:Robbins (RI-Main)
Related Jurisdictions
Municipalities:Blue Island, Posen, Robbins
US Congressional Districts:1 Bobby Rush
Illinois Senate Districts:14 Emil Jones, III, 15 Napoleon Harris, III
Illinois House Districts:28 Robert Rita, 30 William Davis
County Board Districts:Cook 5
Chicago Wards:none
Councils of Mayors:South, Southwest
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