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RTA logo Lake Villa Metra Station Access Improvements

Study Description

This project connects over 230 residential housing units with the Lake Villa Metra Station through the construction of a 2,780 foot sidewalk and associated grading, utility adjustments, and restoration.

Status:In Progress
Program:Access to Transit Improvement Program
Program Year:2016
Grantee:Village of Lake Villa
Current Activities:Phase II engineering was completed in fall of 2018 which identified the need for additional funding, which was awarded in 2019. Needed easements has triggered the need for an environmental survey which pushes back the the letting date to late 2019, where a solicitation of construction bids will take place.
Information Updated:July 2019
RTA Project Manager:Michael Horsting
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Metra Stations:Lake Villa (NCS) accessible
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Municipalities:Lake Villa
US Congressional Districts:10 Brad Schneider, 14 Lauren Underwood
Illinois Senate Districts:32 Craig Wilcox
Illinois House Districts:64 Tom Weber
County Board Districts:Lake 1
Chicago Wards:none
Councils of Mayors:Lake
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