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Study Description

This project developed a plan for two corridors, the East 75th and East 79th Street corridors, between Stony Island Avenue and the lakefront in the South Shore neighborhood. The plan identifies 10 Ideas for Action to improve land use, business retention, housing and connectivity to transit for both corridors.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2018
Project Type(s):Corridor Planning
Grantee:City of Chicago
Current Activities:The Chicago Plan Commission for adopted the plan in May 2020 and in June announced the award of Neighborhood Opportunity Funds to two projects that will rehabilitate two vacant storefronts along 79th Street, $52,500 for rehab and build-out for a new co-working spaceat 1642 E. 79th Street, and $90,000 for renovation and reuse of a vacant building​ for an architecture studio. at 2320 E. 79th Street. The RTA continues to monitor implementation and offer assistance to the City as requested.
Information Updated:August 2020
Study Documents
South Shore Corridor Study
South Shore Corridor Study Report (May 21, 2020)
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Metra Stations:Cheltenham (79th Street) (Metra Elec-SC)
Windsor Park (Metra Elec-SC)
CTA Bus Routes:5 South Shore Night Bus accessible
6 Jackson Park Express accessible
15 Jeffery Local accessible
26 South Shore Express accessible
28 Stony Island accessible
30 South Chicago accessible
75 74th/75th accessible
79 79th accessible
J14 Jeffery Jump accessible
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US Congressional Districts:1 Bobby Rush, 2 Robin Kelly
Illinois Senate Districts:13 Robert Peters, 17 Elgie R. Sims, Jr., 3 Mattie Hunter
Illinois House Districts:25 Curtis Tarver, 26 Kambium Buckner, 33 Marcus C. Evans, Jr., 5 Lamont Robinson
County Board Districts:Cook 3, Cook 4
Chicago Wards:5 Leslie Hairston, 7 Greg Mitchell, 8 Michelle A. Harris
Councils of Mayors:Chicago
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