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RTA logo South Side Service Improvements - 2017

Project Description

This project includes operational improvements as follows: #4 - Selected trips to operate to and from 115th/Cottage Grove; #26 - Expanded hours of service and all trips will now begin and end at 103rd/Stony Island; #34 - More frequent midday and evening service; #71 - More frequent midday service with all trips operating to/from 112th/Torrence improving frequency of service south of 73rd Street; #95 - Routes 95E and 95W have been combined into a single route providing more convenient service for customers traveling along 95th Street; #119 - More frequent midday and evening service; and Green Line - More frequent service from Cottage Grove and 63rd/Ashland during AM and PM rush. Funding: 2017 ICE: $6,329,515

Program:Innovation, Coordination, and Enhancement
Program Year:2017
Project Type(s):Operating
Current Activities:Project is underway.
Information Updated:November 2018
Project Documents
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CTA Bus Routes:4 Cottage Grove accessible
26 South Shore Express accessible
34 South Michigan accessible
71 71st/South Shore accessible
95 95th accessible
119 Michigan/119th accessible
Related Jurisdictions
Municipalities:Blue Island, Calumet Park, Chicago, Evergreen Park, Riverdale
US Congressional Districts:1 Bobby Rush, 2 Robin Kelly, 3 Dan Lipinski, 7 Danny Davis
Illinois Senate Districts:13 Robert Peters, 14 Emil Jones, III, 15 Napoleon Harris, III, 16 Jacqueline Y. Collins, 17 Elgie R. Sims, Jr., 18 Bill Cunningham, 3 Mattie Hunter
Illinois House Districts:25 Curtis Tarver, 26 Kambium Buckner, 27 Justin Slaughter, 28 Robert Rita, 29 Thaddeus Jones, 32 Andre Thapedi, 33 Marcus C. Evans, Jr., 34 Nicholas K Smith, 35 Frances Ann Hurley, 36 Kelly M. Burke, 5 Lamont Robinson, 6 Sonya M. Harper
County Board Districts:Cook 11, Cook 12, Cook 2, Cook 3, Cook 4, Cook 5
Chicago Wards:10 Susan Garza, 18 Derrick Curtis, 19 Matthew O'Shea, 2 Brian Hopkins, 20 Jeanette B. Taylor, 21 Howard Brookins, Jr., 3 Pat Dowell, 34 Carrie M. Austin, 4 Sophia King, 42 Brendan Reilly, 5 Leslie Hairston, 6 Roderick Sawyer, 7 Greg Mitchell, 8 Michelle A. Harris, 9 Anthony Beale
Councils of Mayors:Chicago, South, Southwest

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