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Study Description

Building on previous work conducted by the Village this project created a transit-oriented development plan for an approximate ½ mile radius of the existing Metra station within the Village. The plan focused on improving pedestrian and bicycle safety and access, creating redevelopment opportunities for surrounding properties, and improving the look and signage in downtown. There was a detailed analysis of two areas including the Core Downtown Area and E. St. Charles TIF Area. Specific site recommendations were provided with associated financial analysis and façade ideas. The plan also made recommendation for accommodating parking in the long term and conducting a road diet on Main Street and St. Charles Road east of Main Street. Additionally way finding, signage and branding recommendations were included in the plan. The Village Board officially adopted the plan in March 2011.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2010
Project Type(s):Transit-Oriented Development Plan
Grantee:Village of Lombard
Current Activities:Within the development area identified in the Lombard Downtown Implementation Study, at the corner of Park and Grove Street, a six-unit medium density single family residential development is nearing completion (Park Place). Park Place represents an effective example of transit-oriented infill development. This development is on a parcel of land that was previously vacant and underutilized. Conveniently located within two blocks of Metra station in downtown Lombard.
Information Updated:June 2018
Study Documents
Lombard Downtown Revitalization Project Guidebook
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