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Study Description

The purpose of this study was to identify public transportation improvements that will enhance mobility for residents of the study area communities and increase access to jobs located throughout the city and surrounding areas. The South Lakefront study area borders are the lakefront on the east; the Stevenson Expressway on the north; the Dan Ryan Expressway, Norfolk Southern rail yard and Cottage Grove Avenue on the west; and 95th Street on the south. Over the last 20 years, the city, businesses, and the civic community have demonstrated strong leadership and commitment in working to address many of the economic and social challenges in the study area. This study further supports this ongoing commitment by encouraging dialogue among area residents, community leaders, institutions, developers, and city and regional transit and transportation officials. The study developed consensus on the main transit-related issues and problems in the study area and on the most important transit system investments and related community development projects so that they can be advanced to more detailed study.

Program:Community Planning
Program Year:2010
Project Type(s):Transit Improvement Plan
Grantee:City of Chicago
Current Activities:CDOT allocated $260,000 in CMAQ funding to construct pedestrian access improvements at the 35th / IIT Green Line Station. Improvements included a pedestrian plaza, pedestrian countdown signals, crosswalks, curb bump-outs and signal timing improvements on 35th Street to improve traffic flow. To further enhance the connectivity to this station the CTA extended service on the #35 31st / 35th bus route west to Cicero Avenue. Tribune article:,0,5789910.story

In 2015 the CTA was awarded funds from the RTA's Community Planning program to study the slow bus service along the 79th street corridor and to identify ways to improve the slow zones, thus restoring the reliability of this important and busy bus route. This study was completed in 2018 and can be found on RTAMS.

The City of Chicago Department of Planning and Development will be partnering with the RTA in 2019 to complete a study in the South Shore neighborhood that will study land use, business retention, housing and connectivity to transit improvements for both corridors.

Information Updated:October 2018
Study Documents
Chicago South Lakefront Complete Final Report (December, 2012)
Chicago South Lakefront Existing Conditions Report (2011)
Chicago South Lakefront Public Involvement Report (December, 2012)
Chicago South Lakefront Summary Report (December, 2012)
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Councils of Mayors:Chicago
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