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RTA logo South Side Service Improvements - 2018

Project Description

The project includes operational improvements to the identified bus routes as follows: #26 - Expanded hours of service and all trips will begin and end at 103rd/Stony Island; #34 - More frequent midday and evening service; #71 - More frequent midday service all trips operation to and from 112th/Torrence improving frequency of service south of 73rd St; #95 - Routes 95E and 95W are combined into a single route providing more convenient service for customers traveling along 95th St; #119 - More frequent midday and evening service; and Green Line rail service improvements offering more frequent service from Cottage Grove and 63rd/Ashland during AM and PM rush. #4 Cottage Grove - Selected trips extended throughout the day from 95th to 115th/Cottage Grove. #X9 Ashland Express and #X49 Western Express bus routes Rush period limited stop bus service in the busy Ashland and Western bus corridors. Funding: 2018 ICE: $6,037,270

Program:Innovation, Coordination, and Enhancement
Program Year:2018
Project Type(s):Operating
Current Activities:N/A
Information Updated:November 2018
Project Documents
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CTA Bus Routes:4 Cottage Grove accessible
X9 Ashland Express accessible
26 South Shore Express accessible
34 South Michigan accessible
71 71st/South Shore accessible
95 95th accessible
119 Michigan/119th accessible
Related Jurisdictions
Municipalities:Blue Island, Calumet Park, Chicago, Evergreen Park, Riverdale
US Congressional Districts:1 Bobby Rush, 2 Robin Kelly, 3 Dan Lipinski, 4 Chuy Garcia, 5 Mike Quigley, 7 Danny Davis, 9 Jan Schakowsky
Illinois Senate Districts:1 Antonio Munoz, 13 Robert Peters, 14 Emil Jones, III, 15 Napoleon Harris, III, 16 Jacqueline Y. Collins, 17 Elgie R. Sims, Jr., 18 Bill Cunningham, 2 Omar Aquino, 3 Mattie Hunter, 5 Patricia Van Pelt, 6 John J. Cullerton
Illinois House Districts:10 Jawaharial Williams, 11 Ann M. Williams, 12 Sara Feigenholtz, 2 Theresa Mah, 25 Curtis Tarver, 26 Kambium Buckner, 27 Justin Slaughter, 28 Robert Rita, 29 Thaddeus Jones, 31 Mary E. Flowers, 32 Andre Thapedi, 33 Marcus C. Evans, Jr., 34 Nicholas K Smith, 35 Frances Ann Hurley, 36 Kelly M. Burke, 4 Delia Ramirez, 5 Lamont Robinson, 6 Sonya M. Harper, 9 Arthur Turner
County Board Districts:Cook 10, Cook 11, Cook 12, Cook 2, Cook 3, Cook 4, Cook 5, Cook 7
Chicago Wards:1 Daniel La Spata, 10 Susan Garza, 11 Patrick Thompson, 12 George A. Cardenas, 15 Raymond Lopez, 16 Stephanie Coleman, 17 David Moore, 18 Derrick Curtis, 19 Matthew O'Shea, 2 Brian Hopkins, 20 Jeanette B. Taylor, 21 Howard Brookins, Jr., 25 Byron Sigcho-Lopez, 27 Walter Burnett, Jr., 28 Jason Ervin, 3 Pat Dowell, 32 Scott Waguespack, 34 Carrie M. Austin, 4 Sophia King, 42 Brendan Reilly, 44 Thomas M. Tunney, 46 James Cappleman, 47 Matt Martin, 5 Leslie Hairston, 6 Roderick Sawyer, 7 Greg Mitchell, 8 Michelle A. Harris, 9 Anthony Beale
Councils of Mayors:Chicago, South, Southwest

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