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Project Description

The WTW program provides small, short-term, low-interest loans to low-income families for the purpose of purchasing or repairing a car to get to work, childcare, and to pursue educational or job training opportunities. The project funding will be used to support operating costs associated with client screening and case management, and for a small loan guarantee pool. This project will replicate other JARC projects that have been successfully implemented in other parts of the country.

Program:Job Access Reverse Commute / New Freedom / Section 5310
Program Type:JARC/NF
Program Year:2012
Project Type(s):Administration, Capital, Operating
Grantee:Salvation Army Family & Community Services
Current Activities:The Salvation Army launched the Ways to Work project on September 26, 2011. Since the program's inception through March 2015, 2,369 individuals have attended personal finance education classes and 506 loans have been approved. This project is complete.
Information Updated:June 2019
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