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Metra is rehabilitating locomotives and bi-level commuter rail cars. The locomotives are being rebuilt with complete renovation of the diesel engine, overhaul of the traction alternator, head end power alternator and gear box, replacement of the control system, coupler and draft gears, revamping of the trucks, including traction motors, body repair and modifications, installation of secondary engine room door and painting. The rail cars are being renovated with replacement of couplers, yokes, draft gears, weather stripping, seats, floors, walls, window and door mechanisms, application of tube style diaphragms, renewal of the 480-volt and control train lines and repair of heating and lighting systems

Service Board:Metra Commuter Rail
Program Category:Rolling Stock
Overall Status:In Progress
Budget Status:On Budget
Schedule Status:On Schedule
Current Activities:This project will lower maintenance costs. For locomotive rehabs, fuel costs will, also, be lowered and air pollution and the regional economy health will be improved. For rail car rehabs, the reliability and quality of service for commuters will be improved. Currently, 47 locomotives and 103 rail cars have completed their overhaul.
Information Updated:July 2019
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