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This project is for the replacement of the signal system from the Jefferson Park station to the O'Hare station. The existing signal system was implemented with the O'Hare Extension in 1984, and has become obsolete. Following the WMATA incident in 2009, NTSB analyzed systems across the country, including CTA's signal systems. NTSB uncovered a similar design flaw with this generation system, and recommended that a slow zone be added. Phase five work will address these issues, allowing the slow zone to be lifted, and improving safety and reliability on the branch overall. Replacement of two special track-work elements to facilitate train movements and allow for increased operational flexibility and reduced maintenance.

Service Board:Chicago Transit Authority
Program Category:Electrical, Signal, & Communications
Overall Status:In Progress
Budget Status:On Budget
Schedule Status:On Schedule
Current Activities:Intermediate Design Packages are being submitted monthly. The contractor has started investigating the manholes, cleaning them, and reviewing the feasibility of reusing the ducts located in the manholes. The contractor is to continue to submit Intermediate Design Packages and progress on the manhole repair work.
Information Updated:December 2018
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