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This project includes the elimination of the existing at-grade railway crosswalk, rehabilitation of inbound platform access and shelter facilities, construction of a new ADA-compliant ramp to the outbound platform, and rehabilitation of the outbound shelter.

Service Board:Metra Commuter Rail
Program Category:Stations & Passenger Facilities
Overall Status:Substantially Complete
Budget Status:On Budget
Schedule Status:On Schedule
Current Activities:The project met its substantial completion requirements and is in the project close‐out phase. Work on the east side included a new shelter as well as an ADA ramp with handrail, fencing, lighting, mechanical, electrical work, and landscaping. The work on the west side included rehabilitation of the existing shelter, replacing the roof, addition of new lights, handrails, heating elements, and signage. The bridge was sanded down and painted. Metra forces installed new lightings, paved both sides of the platforms, installed tactiles, and redid the platform crossing to ensure ADA compliance.
Information Updated:December 2018
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