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Metra logo  Rail Ridership Summary for July 2018

Summary Metra rail ridership data is available for January 2002 through July 2018.

Note: Metra monthly ridership figures are based on ticket sales. Ridership on the South Shore service provided by NICTD is not included in the totals. Passenger loads by service period come from conductor counts taken as trains enter or depart downtown. Click on the “Weekday Ridership” link to see station level detail from the boarding and alighting counts.

Ridership by Branch
Weekday Ridership
Ridership by Fare Zone
Ticketed Boardings6,543,354
Free Rides79,722
Total Boardings6,623,076
Average Weekly Passenger Loads
Service PeriodLoad
Weekday Peak Direction1,081,500
Weekday Off-Peak351,000
Total Week1,541,100
Passenger loads are three-month rolling averages and do not include the South Shore Line.
service breakdown chart
historical ridership chart previous 13 month ridership chart

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