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RTA Ridership Report

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2013 RTA Ridership Report

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The 2013 Regional Ridership Report provides a detailed analysis of RTA system ridership growth compared to 2012, which finished with the highest RTA ridership since 1990. The report analyzes ridership by mode, line, and bus route group for CTA, Metra, Pace Suburban Service, and Pace ADA Paratransit. RTA system ridership, as a whole, decreased by 2.2% in 2013, essentially erasing the gains achieved in 2012. Despite this decrease in overall ridership, persistent growth on Metra and Pace indicates that the system is continuing to respond to improvements in the regional economy. Key takeaways include:

  • CTA ridership declined to 529.2 million unlinked passenger trips in 2013, the result of bus service cuts in late 2012, a January 2013 fare increase, and the planned Red Line South closure from May to October.
  • Metra recorded 82.3 million unlinked passenger trips in 2013, with ridership increasing on 8 of 11 Metra rail lines.
  • Pace Suburban Service ridership improved for the fourth consecutive year, to 35.9 million unlinked passenger trips.
  • Pace ADA Paratransit ridership continued to grow, increasing by 5.3% in 2013. This growth in ADA Paratransit trips is consistent with long term trends.

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