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2019 RTA Sales Tax Receipts

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Chicago Council of Mayors
Local Government Distributed To... Total Detail
RTA CTA Metra Pace Pace ADA ICE County
Chicago (Cook County)$45,798,281$278,785,258$15,643,034$9,197,350$25,556,572$1,997,785$0$376,940,586Chicago (Cook County) Tax
Chicago (DuPage County)$1,314$7,998$449$264$733$57$0$10,814Chicago (DuPage County) Tax
Total Sales Tax Collection$45,799,595$278,793,256$15,643,483$9,197,614$25,557,305$1,997,842$0$376,951,401
The sales tax figures shown above do not include Use Tax collections. In 2019, the Use Tax collected in the 6-county region and distributed to RTA was $54,942,700.
The sales tax figures shown above do not include sales tax collected in unincorporated areas within the boundaries of the Chicago Council of Mayors.
Source: State of Illinois Department of Revenue and the Regional Transportation Authority

Effective April 1, 2008, the RTA sales tax in Cook County increased from the equivalent of 1.0% to 1.25%. The amounts distributed to the CTA, Metra, Pace, ADA Paratransit, the Suburban Community Mobility Fund (SCMF), and the Innovation, Coordination, and Enhancement Fund (ICE) are estimated based on results for the City of Chicago and Suburban Cook County. The SCMF amount is included in the Pace total.

Values in Cook County include both base and replacement tax.

* Includes DuPage portion of Chicago

Click here to see these figures for the entire 6-county RTA service area.

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