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2017 RTA Sales Tax and Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) Receipts

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Six County Region
Service Area Distributed To... Total Detail
RTA CTA Metra Pace Pace ADA ICE County
Cook County*$111,888,876$417,230,129$249,625,994$80,302,655$61,030,296$4,623,507$0$924,701,458Cook County* Tax
     City of Chicago$44,710,242$273,434,541$15,888,764$9,237,653$24,387,405$1,847,531$0$369,506,136City of Chicago Tax
     Suburban Cook County$67,178,634$143,795,588$233,737,230$71,065,001$36,642,891$2,775,977$0$555,195,322Suburban Cook County Tax
DuPage County$8,094,537$14,009,775$43,274,638$20,236,341$17,590,051$1,400,977$51,057,846$155,664,164DuPage County Tax
Kane County$2,827,034$4,892,943$15,113,756$7,067,584$6,143,361$489,294$17,832,058$54,366,030Kane County Tax
Lake County$4,942,427$8,554,200$26,518,020$12,356,067$10,740,273$855,420$31,080,260$95,046,668Lake County Tax
McHenry County$1,644,893$2,846,931$8,793,852$4,112,233$3,574,480$284,693$10,375,480$31,632,562McHenry County Tax
Will County$3,796,786$6,571,360$20,298,200$9,491,964$8,250,707$657,136$23,948,955$73,015,107Will County Tax
Total Sales Tax Collection$133,194,552$454,105,337$363,624,461$133,566,844$107,329,168$8,311,028$134,294,600$1,334,425,990
Source: State of Illinois Department of Revenue and the Regional Transportation Authority

Values in Cook County include both base and replacement tax.

* Includes DuPage portion of Chicago

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