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2018 RTA Sales Tax and Real Estate Transfer Tax (RETT) Receipts

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Six County Region
Service Area Distributed To... Total Detail
RTA CTA Metra Pace Pace ADA ICE County
Cook County*$117,125,928$435,129,349$260,302,287$83,639,098$63,483,411$5,113,405$0$964,793,479Cook County* Tax
     City of Chicago$46,769,571$285,201,922$16,373,202$9,515,720$25,349,570$2,041,835$0$385,251,819City of Chicago Tax
     Suburban Cook County$70,356,358$149,927,427$243,929,085$74,123,378$38,133,841$3,071,571$0$579,541,660Suburban Cook County Tax
DuPage County$8,261,612$14,294,659$44,364,381$20,789,337$17,987,711$1,432,650$52,068,852$159,183,284DuPage County Tax
Kane County$2,928,626$5,077,039$15,751,258$7,378,102$6,388,701$508,835$18,498,965$56,537,178Kane County Tax
Lake County$5,087,550$8,802,735$27,329,650$12,802,196$11,067,136$882,234$32,054,503$98,026,003Lake County Tax
McHenry County$1,684,792$2,915,111$9,050,480$4,239,572$3,664,990$292,160$10,615,161$32,462,265McHenry County Tax
Will County$3,945,518$6,839,914$21,212,874$9,939,964$8,607,019$685,515$24,929,887$76,168,309Will County Tax
Total Sales Tax Collection$139,034,026$473,058,807$378,010,929$138,788,269$111,198,967$8,914,799$138,167,368$1,387,170,518
Source: State of Illinois Department of Revenue and the Regional Transportation Authority

Values in Cook County include both base and replacement tax.

* Includes DuPage portion of Chicago

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