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RTA logo Interagency Transfer Location: 95th / Chicago State University (ME-ML)

Regional Transit Coordination Plan (RTCP)

This transfer location is one of nearly 300 interagency transfer locations identified by the Regional Transit Coordination Plan (RTCP), a multi-year program of studies to enhance regional mobility by facilitating seamless travel on public transportation.

Interagency Transfers
Between CTA Bus and Metra:46
Between CTA Bus and Pace:0
Between CTA Rail and Metra:0
Between CTA Rail and Pace:0
Between Metra and Pace:0
Source: RTA Regional Transit Coordination Plan Location Study, October 2001
Connecting Services
Metra Stations:95th Street (Chicago State University) (Elec-ML)
CTA Bus Routes:4 Cottage Grove accessible
5 South Shore Night Bus accessible
95 95th accessible
100 Jeffery Manor Express accessible
115 Pullman/115th accessible
Pace Bus Routes:353 95th - River Oaks - Homewood accessible
Related Jurisdictions
US Congressional Districts:1 Bobby Rush
Illinois Senate Districts:17 Elgie R. Sims, Jr.
Illinois House Districts:34 Nicholas K Smith
County Board Districts:Cook 4
Chicago Wards:9 Anthony Beale
Councils of Mayors:Chicago
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