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RTA logo Interagency Transfer Location: Roosevelt Road Station

Regional Transit Coordination Plan (RTCP)

This transfer location is one of nearly 300 interagency transfer locations identified by the Regional Transit Coordination Plan (RTCP), a multi-year program of studies to enhance regional mobility by facilitating seamless travel on public transportation.

RTCP Physical Component

This transfer location was one of 75 priority interagency transfer locations for which detailed analysis of the physical environment was performed for the Information and Physical Coordination Component of the RTCP.

Roosevelt Road Station Diagram
This location was also one of 5 interagency transfer locations for which concept plans were developed.
Concept Plan
Interagency Transfers
Between CTA Bus and Metra:88
Between CTA Bus and Pace:8
Between CTA Rail and Metra:72
Between CTA Rail and Pace:1
Between Metra and Pace:0
Source: RTA Regional Transit Coordination Plan Location Study, October 2001
Connecting Services
Metra Stations:Museum Campus / 11th St. (So Shore, Elec-ML)
CTA Bus Routes:1 Bronzeville/Union Station accessible
2 Hyde Park Express accessible
3 King Drive accessible
4 Cottage Grove accessible
6 Jackson Park Express accessible
10 Museum Of Science & Industry accessible
12 Roosevelt accessible
18 16th/18th accessible
26 South Shore Express accessible
31 31st accessible
130 Museum Campus accessible
146 Inner Drive/Michigan Express accessible
Related Jurisdictions
US Congressional Districts:7 Danny Davis
Illinois Senate Districts:3 Mattie Hunter
Illinois House Districts:5 Lamont Robinson
County Board Districts:Cook 3
Chicago Wards:4 Sophia King
Councils of Mayors:Chicago
Transfer Location Area Map
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